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Who we are

Mudanças São Christovam

In December 1954 Mudanças São Christovam was born.

Saverio Christovam ( * 1931 / + 1982) started at the age of 18 with Transportadora Tatuapé and in 1954 he founded São Christovam Mudanças.

Coincidentally, his last name is also the protector of drivers (July 25 - São Cristovão Day) and helped him in this mission.

Around 1952, the driver Saverio Christovam saw on the streets of São Paulo, the trucks of Lusitana (old and important transport company of the branch) transporting furniture.

He found that service incredible, so Transportadora Tatuapé became Mudanças São Christovam, which renewed and innovated the market for residential and commercial removals in Brazil.

Around 1966, his competitor (Pedro Granero), who worked with open trucks on Rua Cachoeira (Brás / SP), asked him (Saverio) to teach his children (Roberto and Bernardo) to make changes.

Today, Granero Mudanças, if not the largest, is one of the largest companies in the industry and we are proud to see its success, as we know that it all started with the initiative of the two patriarchs.

In 1969, São Christovam took a big leap. Serving Rede Globo de Televisão, performing at the time, all the logistics of the broadcaster. Transporting and storing from scenarios of soap operas and equipment, to the artists and heartthrobs of then.


1 - in the Irmãos Coragem recordings (1970), the heartthrobs “lived” in a trailer provided by the company and the horses were transported in a special vehicle.

2 - several employees of São Christovam participated as extras in several soap operas at that time, due to the lack or unavailability of assistants.

Always a pioneer, in the 70s, when the term Logistics did not yet exist, São Christovam performed all the large volume transport operations of the former Mappin department store, supporting the client's own fleet and moving large quantities of furniture, refrigerators , stoves and appliances.

After 1987, for family reasons, it dried its structure, but without losing its initial focus, always providing good services, focused on logistics and innovation.

Today, it is the second generation of this family of transporters, which works to always provide the best service in the business.

“We continue with the old passion to do what we do”